Monday 23 June 2008

Feeding and Cleaning!

I think some of the cutest moments I have observed with Buster were (and still are) watching him drinking from his bottle, cleaning himself, yawning and stretching.. all of the things that make you go 'awwwwhhh' :-)

These pictures are taken during his morning feeds when he has his bottle (let me add he goes at it like there's no tomorrow!!) and afterwards when cleaning himself (something he does pretty much all the time but especially after a feed, or if his fur is wet either because the grass outside in the garden was wet or because I wiped away the milk from his chin after a feed).
His cleaning routine consists of cleaning his ears and face (he sits up like a squirrel then wets his front paws with his tongue and cleans his face and ears) then he cleans his neck and chest, then his legs and paws.. it's interesting how he doesn't just clean but he also brushes his fur using his nails!

This is Buster in the mornings:

Buster likes to hold his bottle!

Nice and full, Buster is offered a kernel of grass - he loves nibbling hay after his bottle!

Now the cleaning begins!

Don't forget your feet!


Ippo456 said...

Aww, I like seeing animals grooming themselves.
I have 8 hamsters & 2 chinchillas, and I could just sit there & watch them groom themselves :-)
Buster is super cute.

Anonymous said...

awwww... buster is soooooo cute!