Tuesday 3 June 2008

Buster had a chest infection! :-(

Some more updates on Buster..

We got a fright last week when Buster developed a chest infection. We were afraid he had inhaled some milk while drinking from his bottle (this can cause aspiration pneumonia and can be fatal) as he was making noises from his nose when breathing and there was a rumbling noise coming in from his chest. We brought him to the vet who listened to his chest and agreed there were fluids in his lungs and gave him an injection of antibiotics and put him on a 7-day oral antibiotic course.

Thankfully the infection has slowly gone away.. today his chest feels clear - he'll be on antibiotics one more day.

We were so worried!

Apart from this episode, he's doing really well!

He now weights 136gr (he's nearly 3 times bigger than he was when we got him) he loves his bottle.. we started giving him some Milupa oat (porridge) integrated to his milk, some probiotics to help his flora during the antiobiotic course. Also he loves hay and constantly nibbles at it.

We try to leave him in the garden for as long as we can (always guarded from cats and birds) and he loves nibbling at fresh grass.

He's growing so fast.. it's unbelievable.. here are some more pictures... :-)

Buster:"Where's my dinner?"

He loves spending time out in the garden and he's getting faster and faster by the minute!
The first day we had him, he could not sit on the grass without stumbling on it!
Now he leaps across our garden - it's delightful to watch him!

And no, the grass is not long. Buster is very small!

Ok, maybe a little bit long (it's better for Buster)

Ahh.. nothing like a good stretch and a snooze after lunch!

Buster: "Phew, 23 degrees in Dublin, who'd have thought?"

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