Friday 20 June 2008

Buster is 1 month old!

Well.. Buster has now been with us for 4 weeks!
He's now down to just one bottle of milk a day, in the mornings.
I let him wonder around the house during the day when we're at work.. then I come home at lunch time and in the evenings and we leave him outside for as long as we can.. guarded always from cats and magpies.

He's really active in the evenings when he's outside, he sprints from one side to the other of the garden, runs in a zig-zag pattern, jumps up in the air and so on.. he seems fairly content. Then around 10 o'clock at night it's bed time, he sits on my lap or belly and falls asleep!

Buster's bed time:

Buster wondering around the garden..

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Karen said...

This is so precious; I love bunnies. Thank you for sharing your story!
-Karen in Michigan, USA