Monday 12 September 2011

Sad news

I am so sorry for not having posted in so long, I know Buster had many followers.
I have some sad news I'm afraid :'-(
Buster passed away about 6 weeks ago and I didn't get to say goodbye to her. She was put down.
The last time I saw her was 1 year ago, right before my baby and I moved out of our house (I had a 'lil boy for those of you who asked, he's now just over two).
Buster remained home with my ex-husband.
I am so sorry, I am distraught as I write this, I just found out. Going through all her pictures and videos, she was loved very much but unfortunately there has been a big change of circumstances in our family and we had to part.
Buster rests in the garden she grew up in, where she jumped and leaped, under the grass she used to lay on, under the snow she used to lick, by the flowerbed :-(
Addio piccola Buster - Farewell Buster - RIP xxx