Saturday 23 May 2009

More pics :-)

Buster celebrated her first birthday with lots of treats and a cake made of carrot bread!!

As mentioned Buster is now addicted to baby potatoes..
This is her having a little feast!!

Here Buster is enjoying our fine Irish weather!

It's very hard to catch on camera the sprints she makes - I'll try putting up a video in the future to catch her jumps, twists and sprints around the garden!
These are just a couple of picture taken during those sprints, the pictures have never rendered too well as she's too fast and they always appear blurred!

One evening Buster and my husband were having a little chat..

When Buster got bored and decided to go wandering!!!

Thursday 21 May 2009

~~~~~ Happy Birthday Buster!!! ~~~~~~

Well today Buster is 1 year old!!!

It's incredible to think she's come such a long way, from the tiny little leveret that she was when we took her in, to a full grown-up handsome hare that she is now!!

She's doing quite well and she now has a new favourite dish... she loves baby potatoes!!
One day I moved the basket where I keep fresh garlic, onions and baby potatoes to a lower shelf in the kitchen and she discovered it by accident and now she's officially addicted to potatoes! She knows where they are and she helps herself to them every day!!

She's quite nosey and curious, and she’s watchful of anything new or different around the house and she's not afraid of anything!
We soon found out that if we want her to eat something specific there's no point in putting it on her plate as she will not eat it, but hide it into a basket and she is soon into the basket munching away!

Buster having a nap!

After months and months of chewing her wicker basket, Buster finally realizes what it's for!

Buster still takes her beloved bottle!

And oh yes.. she still likes to climb on the flower pots to eat away the soil and the plant!

Ohh this is yummy!

Buster: "How do I get down??"

Buster: "How do I get back up??"