Friday 6 March 2009

As promised..

..a proper update on Buster!

We had a cold spell few weeks ago and we had about 10cm of snow!
Buster LOVED the snow!!
These are a couple of pictures from one of those cold evenings!

She was actually eating the snow! :-)

Here is Buster having her breakfast!

We give Buster fresh grass every day, however the quality of the grass in the winter is not as good as during spring and summer, so we integrated Buster's diet with oat, muesli, peeled carrots, sliced apples, rabbit feed, dried apples and banana, walnuts, sunflower seeds and various other hard biscuits and treats from the pet shop.

A good aul' stretch after breakfast!

So do you think she's grown up since the last time you saw her?

As mentioned, Buster is still taking milk in the mornings.
Her bottle now consists of 15ml of milk, 15ml of cooled boiled water, 3/4 scoop of Welpi (puppy's formula) and half a capsule of acidophilus to keep her flora balanced.

We have tried offering her just milk or just water but she seems to prefer her bottle when there's Welpi in it!

And finally another stretch after her morning bottle!!

Thank you all for your congrats and good wishes! :-)