Thursday 12 June 2008

Buster is 3 weeks old!

Buster has now been with us for 3 weeks!

This is a chart of this progress for last week, week 2:

The chest infection has now completely gone away and there's no noise coming in from his chest or nose - thankfully! We were so worried!

Today Buster weights an healthy 220gr!!

Also his diet is slowly changing..
Buster eats fresh grass from the garden (whatever he finds.. clovers, dandellion, rose and lillies leaves, etc) hay, oat flakes.
He's still drinking milk from his bottle but he only takes 2 bottles a day whilst before he used to take 4.
We changed his routine because he would drink his first two bottles (morning and lunch) and then he refused the following two (evening and night) - so he now drinks morning and evening.

He's very eager with his bottle, he sits up on his hind legs, puts the entire teat into his mouth (he's enough strength to pull the bottle away from my hands!) and then he lifts his front paws and puts them on the bottle!!

He loves his fresh grass outside in the garden, he chews on pretty much everything he finds! Some days he'd rather nibble at my jeans than any greens!

We also got him some 'treats' in the pet shop, like carrot pellets, mint and dandelion sticks and so forth for him to chew on when he's a good boy!

Some more pictures of Buster..

Buster sniffing.. "do I smell fresh grass?"

Buster washes his face before a meal..

"hmmm.. decisions decisions.."

"hello there!"

Buster certainly isn't camera-shy!


ClearOfCloud said...

Cute beyond words !!

Ippo456 said...

Nice garden for Buster to run around in.

Tanya said...

You have a lovely yard. Such a nice place for a bunny!

Lån Penge nu said...

Puts the entire teat into his mouth he's enough strength to pull the bottle away from hands.