Wednesday 1 October 2008

September pictures!

First of all, apologies for the late post, I've been quite busy lately and haven't had the chance to update the blog. On the other side, I've 3 weeks worth of pictures so I'm sure you'll forgive me :-)

Buster is doing well..
she's settled back in well after her week away at the vet clinic.
She's developed a liking for our indoor plants and she's quite keen on chewing the earth and leaves! Yesterday she actually climbed into the flower pot!

She also has developed a taste for shoes and jeans! (especially when you're wearing them!)

We heard that hares like bark, so we gave Buster a large branch to nibble at.. turns out she's really fond of it and it's nearly time to find another branch for her!

"Hey, what's cookin'?"

"What do you mean it's not for me?!"

"I wonder where they keep hare food around here.."

"Ok, let's try these presses.."

"Are you sure that casserole is not for me?"

"Let's see what's in this drawer"

"I'll just have a little nibble"

"Ok, maybe another one.."

"And a little bit of this too"

"It wasn't me!"

"I've never seen this plant before in my life!"

"It's good to be the Queen!"

Buster has green fingers!

"I think I'll prune this plant a little bit"

"this too.."

Buster just out of the shower (just kidding!)
In Ireland it's rain season all year round!


judy said...

Buster's story and most recent photos make me so happy. In the US everything is so depressing now days. Thank you for your time blogging and taking care of such a beautiful beautiful hare! The update made my day. :)

Liz said...

YAY new pictures! You definitely have your hands full :)

KT said...

Wow,what u have done is amazing..Buster looks happy and healthy and Im not sure he would want to go back to the wild after all the love u have shown

eikoleigh said...

Golly, she's so cute!

The pics are awesome. Keep them coming.


Rachel said...

They love Aglets and leather, and any hanging fabric. Be careful.

Meg said...

Buster's back! Yay!!!!!!

Okay, number goodness she's got long legs!

And number two...does she ever hop like a bunny or does she only walk around on her hind legs all the time? That's too cute!

ffleur said...


Buster is back!

I love this cute hare. She is the sweetest. And she's very lucky to have such loving humans caring for her.

Is she still drinking her morning bottle? (as, she is your baby)

Boomer and his mom Carol said...

How wonderful to have your own gardener in the family, willing to prune the bushes rain or shine!

Wendy said...

Go Buster, you marvelous girl!

Karen said...

Buster looks terrific and I'm so glad that you all are getting along together so splendidly.

And may I say that you have a gorgeous kitchen and garden?!

Drusilla Kehl said...

Just WONDERFUL photos! I'm so glad he is doing so well. Keep those pictures coming...pleeeaaaasssseeee!

Spook, RN said...

It's good to know that there are people like you still left in this world!

peachfish said...

Whoa! Be very careful about letting Buster eat the leaves of the plant pictured at the top of this post! This plant slows peristalsis and can lead to bowel obstruction! I only know this because it happened to my cat and he ended up VERY ill. I'm sure a bunny might be better able to process things like that, but it pays to be careful, it is a plant that probably is not a part of a normal hare diet.

hitched said...

She's gotten so much bigger! She looks great! Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for posting more pictures for all of us Buster fans!

Yas said...

Hooray! More pics of the adorable Buster! It's enough to make me want a bun of our own.
Of course.. our three cats would likely object..

Ippo456 said...

Glad to see more pictures!
And, does Buster hop?
Or she likes to stand on her hind legs?
How are her eyes? Are they still deteriorating? How does she get around?

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We really enjoy Buster's photos and story. In fact, we posted about him recently.

He has really grown.

Amy said...

Amazing story, thanks for sharing it. I've taken in some wild creatures myself over the years - they are always a handful (all of mine were released).

Question: because Irish Hares are endangered, are there any plans to breed her? Is her eye condition a genetic problem or just one of those random development errors? Would breeding be too complicated/make the release of the buns impossible?

I'm glad you were allowed to keep Buster and it looks like you're all very happy together. Keep those cats away (Irish cats must be very cheeky!)

Tanya said...

Yea! Buster Pictures! I can't get over how long her legs are. You're doing such a great job with her. Buster looks so happy and healthy. she is too cute!!

Junior said...

Love seeing the new pictures! Hares sure like to get into lots of things!

Anonymous said...

I love what you have done for Buster. She is adorable. I was thinking, have you ever considered making a bunspace fo Buster? The website is and you could really get her story out to lots of rabbit people.

Christine Baltazar said...

Love the new Buster pics! She is adorable! She looks like she's quite a character! She has tons of fans in Portland, Oregon USA! : )

Anonymous said...

Buster is getting so big! As someone mentioned, house plants are frequently poisonous to animals (and humans, although we rarely chew on them). The best way to find out whether they are poisonous is a quick internet search and if they are, you can use medium-fine wire mesh to enclose the bottom (using spikes to hold it down in the soil) so that Buster can't get into trouble. My cats had a bad habit of using the house plants as litter boxes and this solution worked really well. I wish you and Buster luck!

rabbitowner said...

what a doll baby!! I do rabbit rescue in CT and my fellow rescuers and I love to look at her pictures. Keep up the good work!! Love her beautifully long legs!

Erin said...

Hi! Just stumbled across your blog. Buster is very cute! Good for you for rescuing her and deciding to keep her forever. She obviously has hopped into a great home!

warrior rabbit said...

Late to the party on this post, but just wanted to echo everyone else. Buster's a cutie!

I love being updated on Buster's progress. She seems unaware of her sight issues; I see she's just as curious and mischievous as regular house bunnies. I share concerns re: the houseplant, but I'm sure you've spoken with your Irish hare rescue peeps and are on top of everything.

I also love how snuggly she is. Snugglebuns are so much fun. (Independent buns are wonderful, too, of course.)

Go Buster!

Dylan said...

Hi, Buster! My name is Dylan, and I'm a bunny in the US. My Mama found your blog and showed it to me, and we are both really happy that you found people who love you and take such good care of you.

I put the link to your blog on my blog so my friends could read it. I hope you don't mind. (But if you do, let me know and I'll have Mama delete it.)

Anonymous said...


Found Buster's blog via Cute Overload and have been both in love with Buster and amazed by her Mama and Papa ever since. Glad to hear all are doing well and I'd like to echo what everybody else says about more pictures, please!!!

Thanks for being people I can point to and say, "See? They can. They do."

Brigid Cumming said...

What a wonderful story. I look forward to reading more posts about your life with an Irish house-hare.

rabbitowner said...

I miss her!!!

pla725 said...

What an adorable girl. I'm sure she has grown quite a bit since the last post. Looking forward to an update.

Anonymous said...

She is sooo cute!

I am a recent reader of your blog and I love it.

I have an award for you at my blog.

Jessica said...

Can we please have some new Buster pictures for Christmas? :)

Windows Wakefield said...

your own and still make it look professional. You can actually have them created in a different size and format and personalize it with a special moment or story.

Låne Penge said...

Letterbox which she does use from time to time. We put in cat litter at the bottom and corn seeds at the top, however, she's not trained and a brush and pan are always at the ready!