Thursday 11 September 2008

Some big news....

Well... first of all let me say I'm overwhelmed by the huge interest that this blog has generated (literally overnight!), and I'd like to thank each and every one of you that has posted about our little Buster here, on Cute Overload :) and on other sites and blogs!

Ohh Buster look at the camera.. there's an audience here for you!

My husband and I are only honoured to have the chance to care for this little guy and we're thrilled and amazed every day watching Buster's behaviour and we feel lucky and privileged to have the opportunity to care for such a beautiful creature.
Even though we have tried our best to look after Buster, the road hasn't been uneventful and there have been ups and downs but Buster has always faced each challenge and bounced back!

Just before I give you some updates on Buster, I'd like to bring up a couple of points that have been raised in comments on this blog and on Cute Overload regarding Buster:

- Irish Hares are endangered species and my husband and I are fully aware that leverets should not be picked up from a nest. However, I'd like to reiterate that Buster was found in the middle of a road, he was extremely skinny, dehydrated and needed immediate care. We also tried to return him to the nearest safest spot to where he was found but after a number of hours with regular checking we felt it best for Buster to retrieve him and get him to a vet as soon as possible.
When I brought him to the vet that day I was told 'not to get too attached' as he had gone for very long without food and was going into a hibernation state and was not going to last much longer.
As you can see, Buster is now 16 weeks old and he's thriving!
Also, we've been keeping in touch with the Irish Hare Organization ( ever since finding Buster (and we still send weekly and fortnightly updates) and have received great advice and support by Mike Rendle from the Irish Hare Initiative. Mike's knowledge has contributed enormously to the rearing of Buster.

- A second point that I'd like to raise is regarding Buster's diet. I have come across a comment posted on this blog which suggests that Buster is not receiving appropriate food and is instead fed on treats.
Let me reassure you that Buster receives a large amount of fresh roughage, ranging from fresh long grass (changed twice a day, once in the mornings and once in the evenings), various leaves and branches, bark, cabbage, carrots, Oat Hay, Western Timothy Hay, Orchard Grass Hay, Brome Hay, Dandelion, Parsley and Mixed Fine Herbs.
As a supplement Buster is also given dry oat and rabbit food.
Occasionally, Buster receives treats but the majority of Buster's diet is appropriate.

Now.. onto the latest with Buster!

Buster was 16 weeks yesterday (we believe he was born on 21st May 2008)
Hubby and I have gone on vacation to Italy for a week and Buster has been kindly cared for by a local vet in a Veterinary Clinic (thanks Susan!)

An eye specialist has visited Buster and has agreed that he has very very little sight on both eyes so he 'might' see lights, shadows and movements only.
He agreed that the retinas in Buster's eyes never developed properly and the damage is at the back of the eyes, so he can't be operated.

Here's the big news...!!
We were initially told that Buster was a boy, but apparently it's "almost" impossible to determine hares gender (hares can contract their genitalia so it's very hard to tell).
Only last week when Buster was left into the Vet's care, we've been informed that there's a high probability (80%) that Buster might be a female!
My husband added that as grumpy and demanding as Buster was, Buster could have only been a girl!!

Some more pictures!

Buster can stretch up to my knee!

ahhh good stretch!!


Buster takes a big mouthfull of grass!!

Ahhh.. isn't he (oops! she I mean!) cute??!

Buster is asleep on my arms! :-)

Zzzzz.. Buster loves sleeping


Intransigentia said...

eek! the dangling paw when s/he sleeps! Buster is adorable and I'm so happy s/he is being looked after by loving humans.

Meg said...

Like nearly everyone else here, I found you and Buster through Cute Overload. Buster is so unbelievably cute! From what I have read on your blog thus far, it appears you care very deeply for Buster and HER(!) well being. You did the right thing by caring for for Buster when she was unable to survive on her own. You intended to release her, you've done your homework. I hope a few internet crazies don't get you down with their decision that you've feed Buster too many treats.

Keep up the good work and keep the pictures coming! Buster is awesome!

melissa said...

This story makes my day! I'm so glad Buster has a happy family. It sounds like she (he) gives as much love as she gets!
*hugs* from my lilly kitty and I to Buster and her family!

Liz said...

Thanks for the update, I am looking forward to watching Buster's progress. She's gorgeous! Love the long legs :)

warrior rabbit said...

As a house rabbit veteran, I can say you're hardly the first to have gender identity problems. ;)

Buster is a beautiful bun bun. You are wonderful people to house and love her.

Have you bunnyproofed? I've got all the cords, etc. done, but every time you think you're set, you find out (oops) that you've missed something. Early on, I went through a couple of phone cords, some speaker wire, and all the buttons on my TV remote.

Even though Buster's blind, I'm sure she'll be equally as mischievous as my sighted bunnies.

Michael said...

I found Buster through Cute Overload as well. Thanks so much for the special love and care you've been giving him (or maybe....her) and for sharing Buster's journey with all of us! I look forward to keeping up with Buster's progress.

God bless and please give Buster a big old snorgle for me!

Chrissy C

Michael said...

By the way...just in case you wondered...I'm writing from my Hubby's account...

Chrissy C

warrior rabbit said...

Er, I've had house rabbits for close to 20 years. By missing something, I mean that after you get the cords taken care of, it's something else you didn't think of, like the books on the bottom two shelves or the plaster on the corner of the wall, or the pack of gum that was in the pocket of your backpack that you set on the ground near the door (not remembering about the gum)...and so on. But cords first!

CB said...

I love the blog, and you're doing a great job caring for Buster! Keep up the awesome work!!

Anonymous said...

Awww Buster is adorable! I'm glad you found her and took such great care of her.

P/S: Buster has got legs which models would kill for ;)

Molly Fallica said...

Like many other people, I found you on Cute Overload. How ADORABLE is Buster-ette!

You have done such an amazaing thing, I wish you so much luck and love for everything that you are doing for her.

Please keep us all in constant update ~ thanks!

Ippo456 said...

Aawww cute pictures.
I never knew how long & skinny hare's legs are!
Did the eye specialist ever tell you what causes his (or her) retinas to deteriorate like that?

Kitty71 said...

Hi, just wanted to add my kudos to you. Buster is amazing, as are you guys for putting in such an amazing effort. For the critics - I say... "talk to the paw"!! ;)

Will you guys get to keep her? Considering her sight issues, it seems like it would be the kindest thing to do, as I'm sure she is extremely bonded to you. Or perhaps this would be too much to take on permanently? (or possibly they won't allow you to)?

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that's a hare? That leg length to body ratio looks more like a deer or moose.

Seriously though, that is a very spoiled bunny. I love how you take a salad plate so that there's the right parts veggies to grass to oats.

Plus, you found an eye specialist for him/her? That's attentive parenting.

cattiekit said...

Oh, you are such kind, sweet people, and Buster is just the cutest! All of us from CuteOverload Land applaud you (like Meg said, ignore the "nuffers"!)!

Aspen Morrigan said...

ack! i can't handle her legs! they are so unbelievably long & beautiful :) thanks for the new pics!

Jessica said...

Since finding your blog on Cute Overload I have fallen in love with Miss Buster. I agree with your other fans. Don't let anyone get you down. Saving an endangered animal is one of the most beautiful and possibly most significant things a human can do in their lifetime. Who knows maybe Buster will be the missing link to the survival of these gorgeous bunnies! If I was in charge of Ireland, I'd give you guys a medal. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I'm totally in love with Buster. She really makes my day yesterday as I found this block thanks to Cute Overload. You did a great job with her. Don't listen to the people who says otherwise. I have two bunnys myself, so I know what I'm talking about :o)
Thanks for the new pictures. You are now in my favorites and I will come by every day now to hope to see new pictures like today. Thank you!

ffleur said...

Like everyone else I found you thru Cute Overload but no one forced me to return to the blog 3 times yesterday to "aw" at the pictures.I did that all on my own.

2 questions I hope you will address in your next blog entry:
(1) is Buster still drinking her morning bottle of milk?

(2) did you build the rabbit run and if so, will you photograph it in a future blog entry?

Neb said...

Great blog! Keep up the good work (and I know it's heaps of work). Buster is lucky to have found you both. Gorgeous hare!

Starbuck said...

I think you are both doing an amazing job and I am glad that Buster was found by you and not a cat or a fox! With his eyesight problem he wouldn't have survived in the wild anyway. Plus I think you are doing a good job with his diet too. : D

Tanya said...

You and your husband have done a wonderful job with Buster. Ignore the naysayers. Had you left Buster, she certainly would be dead by now. She's obviously thriving so you're doing a great job. Thank you for the updates!!

DogMom said...

What a lovely story, what a beauty!

Sic said...

Found your blog on after Veronica Belmont from Tekzilla mentioned it. ( I have absolutely fallen in love with this little Buster. :) What an incredible gift you give to this little creature and to all of us for sharing! I look forward to more updates of this absolutely adorable creature!

mindy said...

So cute! I want one!!! Good luck with Buster.

Anonymous said...

Buster totally rock!

eikoleigh said...

Buster (Busterina? Busterella?) is very fortunate that you picked her up when you did!

I'm not familiar with wild rabbits but could she have been abandoned by her mother due to her blindness? Maybe she couldn't keep up?....just wondering....

lovelyshrike said...

Oh, and I realize the HRS is a US group but the info can still be good.



Anonymous said...

You both are doing a wonderful thing: keep up the good work with Buster! I've had a bunny at home for almost a year now while going through medical school and hearing you nurse Buster back to health has been a heart-warming experience (putting together two of my favorite things - bunnies, and taking care of others!). Inara, my Dwarf Hotot, approves of this blog (and your actions and love for Buster).

Carol said...

Buster perhaps is a girl?! Well by the looks of those legs I wouldn't doubt it. Thanks for the updates, I have added you to my regular blog roll.


Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon your blog,and I'm so glad I did. Buster is so cute!!

Elpaso said...

if you can digitally record his "words" (grunts, growls, chuckles, etc.) it would be very important - get good quality recording if possible. There are very few rabbit vocalizations archived in the U.K. sound database and they could use more.

billigste forbrukslÄn said...

support by Mike Rendle from the Irish Hare Initiative. Mike's knowledge has contributed enormously to the rearing of Buster.

Doors Bradford said...

Little ball of fluff we noticed that something wasn't right as she kept on running into things, she did not see a wall or a door in front of her.

ForbrukslÄn uten sikkerhet said...

We also tried to return him to the nearest safest spot to where he was found but after a number of hours with regular checking we felt it best for Buster to retrieve him and get him to a vet as soon as possible.